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Birthdate:Oct 10
Location:Michigan, United States of America
Add me if you want to know more about me. If I've added you, it's because I've seen you posting witty and/or interesting comments either in a mutual friend's LJ or in one of the various comms I belong to. If you've seen me around and want to add me, go right ahead. I'll more than likely add you back.

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afghan whigs, alfie kohn, anime, babywearing, breastfeeding advocacy, bruce dickinson's chest hairs, digital slr, dr. pepper, drummers, extreme metal, feminism, general hospital, georgia daphne, hair removal, hating billy mays, having a morbid curiosity, indulging my inner child, instinctual parenting, iron maiden, juvenile humor,, leaving the iron on, led zeppelin, luxurious lush baths, militant agnosticism, netflix, norwegian black metal, orangina, photography, piano hands, popcorn flicks, post punk, procrastination, prog rock, reading, road rage, rush, schadenfreude, short hair, sleeping, smelling georgia's feet, sushi, technical death metal, terrorist fist jabs, trashy reality television
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